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Monday, November 26, 2007

CyberEnglish's new faces

CyberEnglish became real with the creation of the WWW. with the WWW, CE could publish. before that it was merely pieces of computer applications not connected. when the WWW came to be, CE had a home, a homepage, upon which the user poured hir heart, soul, and mind. CE was when the writer became a complete artist, like hir brethren, the musician, the painter, the dancer, who were in control of their art form from conception to presentation. prior to the WWW, the writer had to turn over hir work to an editor and publisher who did things to it that did not necessarily jibe with the writer. then some would argue the editor/publisher made the writer. that's another discussion. in the beginning, scholars in CE made webpages. on these webpages they published their essays, their creative writing, their thoughts. in addition they could add images and sound. they were now writers, editors, and publishers. readers corresponded via email. these webpages became a record of their scholarship. they could be shared with family and friends. they were useful for college and job applications. but above all they belonged to the scholars. it provided a new method of education suggested by many pedagogues from the past. but instead of CE being a boon for education, those in authority, who were going to lose some control, acted to curtail this democratic move in education. filters were added. fear was promulgated. just as martin luther nailed his treatise to the cathedral doors, students posted ideas on bulletin boards in Tiananmen Square, scholars in the 2oth century were publishing their ideas on the WWW. this scared lots of people, so those in power did something about it. they enacted laws, they stepped up the presence of bad standards, and made schools more like prisons then ever. it was a step back in time. it wasnt better basics, it was just "back to basics." it was reactionary in the worst sense. education was dumbed down to multiple choice questions and little thinking.

the result in the new century has been the growth of new faces of CE. facebook and my space are certainly examples. and of course adults and those in power suggest what is done in these new medias may come back to haunt you. fear is used to dissuade users. other tools like blogs, wikis, and youtube encourage users to share their ideas. again fear and loss of revenue has the old powerbrokers like publishers and politicians scurrying to nip this democratic information sharing revolution in the bud. too late. ironic that congress and the monied minions are trying to destroy something created to withstand nuclear bombs.

it is refreshing to see that youth will forge their own path in spite of what the elders try to enforce. they will find their own way and they will explore the brave new world generation after generation, thank goodness. now yo udont have to believe me,look around. also check out youth noise.

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