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Sunday, November 18, 2007

NCTE NYC 11/07

Sunday Nov 19, 2007
sunday provided some great fodder.

a late rising, read the times, drink the coffee, eat the oatmeal, luxurate in one's home all sunday morning...

head out to the javits for 11;30's that will give me hip hop, ps 234 the 911 school, and barauch where my daughter teaches; then to blau's kids; followed by vinz's kids.

hip hop is rich and young and energetic. passion and language swagger with gusto and pinache. good ideas and encouragement. following hip hop operawhere do we, i want to go? it makes for good notes i must mull over. thesesunday sessions always have a different feel than the other day's sessionsi tell tim mcgee who is introducing some of his students later and he agrees. blau and vinz are doing this too. sunday is experimentation, push the envelope day for the next iteration. after all have presented and before the interchange at hip hop, i slip out to cross the hall to jump into the end of the ps 234 presentation of surviving 911. i go cause that is the school where my daughter and son went, both were involved in wtc bombings, 93 and 01. the principal for both and the teacher of tom during 911 were there. i walked in as the parent got up to speak and spoke of with pictures of them moving into their new school for the year and closed with the pic of them returning. mary's class with tom right there. i shrugged, waved goodbye as i exited to make my way to the other side of the javits center, 4 city street blocks, to say hello to the folks at the school where my daughter teaches and went. smoozing and networking, haha.

the next round brought me to sheridan blau. i stepped into sheridan blau's session with his crew, including bob montgomery. great stuff on moodling and the research was superb. stunned with the fact that they were so unaware of CIPA and other internet restrictions. ah the ivory tower.

then after interacting with the panel, i escaped quickly and made my way back to the other side of the javits, yeah those same 4 blocks to watch ruth vinz's kids led by eric gordan wax poetic about the power of oral histories in the classroom. all print much to my dismay as when i entered eric saw me and said, hey tech guy. i taught a semester of tech at TC for him. a disaster. not tech friendly, very print rich sorta folks. they have their own press so it goes with the territory. good presentations on going into schools as TC does, hehe. then the questions of tech, i didnt ask the first question, i promise, but it did open the door and well....again lack of knowledge about tech in schools hurts the ivory tower just as lack of real knowledge of the front in education, k12 always alludes the ivory tower. the audience was filled with TC:)

as i said, sunday sessions always offer so much fodder.

now a soft sunday night at home and ACE workshop tomorrow.

it has been a very satisfying convention.

Saturday Nov 18, 2007

after a blissful morning in the garden, i sauntered over to the marriot, having done the javits the day before, to see, santiago, join in the mosaic workshop, and hear frank mccourt, before heading downtown for son's soccer chamionship game.

in the garden we planted bulbs and traditional fall plantings. the day was again perfect. then a short 4 blocks to the marriot i walked in just as santiago was being introduced by an old friend and fellow carnegie scholar, diane waff. it was electrifying. santiago was on point and tech
savvy. it was refreshing after the kozol debacle and still bad taste left in mouth and on brain. she was fiesty, she was challenging, and she was encouraging as she spoke and cajoled, and soothed. and she blogs, and video conferences, and asked us what we needed. i asked her to help us use
our blogs, and wikis, and you tube in our school libraries and classes.

then i escalated up a flight or was it down a flight to enter the mosaic with 2 minutes before kickoff. i found a seat at carol jago's table where we would speak about graphic novels. i have a closet full of them and love em. i love em cause this is how many of my scholars have operated with their webpages. they are graphic novelish, esp when they use flash and even mess with using the cartoon like approach. the use of grapphics and sound are a given. they certainly arent the traditional word essay.

anyway, cofer was brilliant and funny and so remarkable in her part.

wilhelm was jeffrey, brilliant, many voiced, and on spot.

curtis was without the dreds and brilliant as he read from his most recent. after a session at our roundtable, i walked away with much as these teachers and carol provided so much. before the second act, i left to go hear frank mccourt, who was next door and carol left to do a signing at javits.

on my way to mccourt talk, i had great phone conversation with my son who is applying to high school and we went over his final picks, due monday am at his current school. a process from hell. anyway steped into the mccourt room just as he was introduced. i have to tell you my timing was on point today. he was brilliant as always. it was a perfect day at the conference
after a great friday topped by a fun friday night evening with those talkies who did make our event, nyc does offer so much.

hopped a train downtown, that just arrived, more good timing and arrived at the field in time to see the coin toss and to hear the whistle to signal the start of the game. the game went into overtime, a shootout and the tenth shooter for our team scored to make them the soccer champs of the downtown league. it doesnt get any better on an agricultural, intellectual, and athletic level.

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