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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

cormac mccarthy

im a great fan of cormac. his books are brilliant. his writing style is refreshing.

when i first saw the trailer for No Country for Old Men, i knew immediately the book. i was so excited. i loved the book for the keen writing, the unique prose, the brevity of form so we could get to the marrow. cormac is an a brilliant author. i loved the movie, the coen's did a great job as usual. i kept staring at the llewelyn character as if i knew him. well i did, it had to be the son of james brolin. bardem was brilliant as he brought anton to life. i was fascinated with tommy lee's performance, almost a study of jones, but he did play the sheriff well and the staring off into space and his quips, very reminiscent of mcdormand in fargo. the violence didnt bother me as much as i thought it might. again like fargo. the coen's kept to the story and wove it beautifully. i even liked the ending, though i heard disapproval on my way out of the theater.

unlike the badly movie of another of my favorite authors, tc boyle, this movie of a favored author pleased me. let's hope a good tc boyle movie can be made. i look forward to a movie based on the road. will there be a sequel to No Country for Old Men as the ending suggests?

the book and movie give a whole new meaning to choosing in the coin toss.

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