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Sunday, December 2, 2007

where do i start?

jumping into the net at this point can be overwhelming as places to go multiply and because of the amount of redundancy.

the place for anyone to start would be google, at this time, IMHO.

google is just a piece of web 2.0. the real estate covered by google is immense and growing. it is as if google were expanding the universe. it is about how we store, access, analyze, broker, assess the information. i find it is about finding the balance betwixt input and output. GIGO was an early acronym.

what to do with google. there is gmail which is the beginning of social networking. another useful tool would be documents and spreadsheets which makes it all public where the user can share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. then there is the blogger. another tool include the reader, a tool for reading from a variety of sources that include news, entertainment, sports, business. picassa is a neat tool to share photographs. then there is youtube.

google will be a place you will spend hours.

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