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Friday, April 25, 2008

Exploring Doolin

Woke to rain. After breakfast took a lovely ride by the Cliff of Moher and into the Burren. The stonewalls aren’t as plentiful as we have seen in County Galway and County Mayo. However, along the Burren we see a lovely contrast in nature. There are Stretches of fertile land then rocky land and nothing but stonewalls. County Clare has the harshness on the coast, but as we get inland it is a different county. The stonewalls in County Clare are grass covered. It makes for a very soft view and makes the view of the countryside not as harsh or severe. The land is lusher.

It is an early day as we arrive home mid afternoon for a pub lunch and then a nap.

We go back to pub about 8:30 to hear the night’s players. Two older gentlemen and a young lady. One guy plays the squeeze box. The other sings, plays the drum, guitar, and banjo. The young lady sings, plays Irish pipe, flute, banjo, and guitar. She could be the grandchild of either of the men. When she takes a break, the men continue to play. They play a good variety of songs that gets the crowd going and involved with clapping and singing at the right times. Lots of locals are at this show and out number the Americans, unlike last night, which seemed only Americans. The music last night was the same not as varied as tonight. We've seen a wide variety of musical instruments.

A lovely walk home as the moon is just rising and some stars can be seen. The nights have been cloudy, too cloudy to see either moon or stars till tonight.

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