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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Passion In Pieces

Passion in Pieces is a film project by Sam Small examining five of Shakespeare's 154 sonnets. It is an education project. This is an absolutely fascinating project that can be modeled by us for our own scholars' use. Scholars could create a video of a sonnet or other poem and use that video to explain their interpretation. I had a scholar use Flash for his final brilliant project on Midsummer Night's Dream. Here is one example using Sonnet 138. It really brings out the importance of the word "lie" as it comes alive in the many meanings and by watching the actor's faces. Explore this site and have fun.

Another Project is to have the scholars write their own sonnet. Here is a worksheet I use.

What is a sonnet?

Use an Italian or English rhyme scheme.

Use Iambic pentameter

Use Imagery

Use Metaphors

Use Similes

Use Personification

Use Rhyme Zone As you create your own poems,
use this rhyming dictionary to help you find the perfect word.

Use Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Use Roget's Thesaurus

Repeat KEY words when necessary to help evoke the theme.


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