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Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Garden

It is Memorial Day weekend and the garden is in great shape. We have had lots of rain and now lots of heat and sun. The Morning Glory have started out well and will be climbing the fence to the right. The red rose behind the reading Heather is near bloom while the newly sprouted winter berry shrubs on the left are climbing to new heights. The birds loved the berries this winter and we should have twice as many next winter for our cardinals, now in their third year. The Azalea, bottom right is well, but the rain stripped the blossoms, prematurely.

This area is for afternoon cocktails or just plain chatting. It is a comfortable place to relax especially during parties or while dining. Morning coffee is especially fine here as there is no morning sun.

The far corner of the garden has a bird bath and fish pond with fountain. Three Koi live in the pond and have for the past three years. The umbrella provides much needed shade on sunny days and protection from light rain. I do lots of my computing at that table. The winter berry are in lower right.

The pond with the fountain which provides a very relaxing trickle and is oftentimes accompanied by the three wind chimes of different keys.It is a sanctuary in the middle of Hell's Kitchen, Times Square, in NYC. The three Koi have enjoyed the pond for the past three years.

Our six tomato plants are doing well and you can get a better picture of where the morning glory will be growing on the fence, while Heather is relaxing with a good book.

Having this oasis in NYC is phenomenal and delightful. We spend lots of time outside and grill four or five times a week all year round. The cats love it too and so do many birds that visit and live here.


Nancy said...

Ted, lovely garden!!! I envy you the pond. I have a fountain and I suppose I could run a line to the secret garden and do the pond thing. There's even a big yellow wire coiled up next to the garage for just that thing.

Patricia said...

This is a beautiful oasis in the heart of New York City. What a place to maintain your tranquility.

Anonymous said...

Ted, It is even more lovely in May than it was in November. What a peaceful oasis.
Best to you and Heather (and Tom and the girls, and the cats)

austino said...

hello ted i love your beautiful garden and your 2 catz. I see that you are an english teacher so please do me a favor and tell them austin says hello. Your catz are wonderfull and i would like to have a website of my own somday. maybe i will even have 3 comments or 4 if i'm lucky. have a merry christmas.

Austin said...

Hello Ted!!!!!!!!!
Do you even look at your coments? Keep that garden beautiful.

Ted Nellen said...

Yes, Austin, I do. I may not respond to all, as they don't demand responses. Also, since I moderate comments, I have to read them all before they are posted. I have not rejected any, so far, except the other three you sent that were repeats of this one:)

Right now the garden is in winter mode.