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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Internet Safety

What are your children doing online?

A recent report suggests we don't know. ESchool News reports that parents are clueless about their children's Internet usage. Along with the clueless parents, we also have too many clueless teachers and administrators. Adults generally speaking are too unaware of what is happening between our children and the Internet. The children are so far ahead of us, we only catch up when tragedy strikes and we have done too little to help prevent it.

There is just not enough Internet safety being taught in schools. The best way to teach Internet safety is to actually show the children how to use the Internet correctly. We are not showing, we are telling. We can't show, because we do not have enough classes in our schools using the Internet correctly. Too much is blocked. We can't use the sites our children use in or out of school, because of the filters. The children get around the filters, while teachers cannot. This is a tragic Catch 22. We need to have access to the Internet in schools to show the children how to use the Internet to their advantage. Instead the children are on their own learning and developing bad habits while not learning the good habits of correct Internet usage. If the children were taught how to use the Internet correctly in our schools, we would not have this technology gap between child and adult. We would see better use of the Internet by our children for the advancement of themselves and of Man.


Aunt Lee said...

For a fun way for parents to jump-start a discussion about internet and social networking safety, here’s a website that includes an instructional video and a very easy quiz.

The video is a selection of silly clips supposedly posted to the MySpace pages of the famous puppy and some of her friends. The clips demonstrate mistakes kids can make online.

The 10 question quiz covers the topics of cyber-bullying, privacy, safety, dangers of spyware and malware, etc.

The quiz doesn’t really focus on stranger-danger type concerns but rather gently and humorously reminds the reader that it’s possible to hurt people’s feelings, to mislead people who don’t realize you’re joking, to remember that online postings can be seen by anybody and that postings are often impossible to remove once posted.

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