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Monday, August 11, 2008

SmartTeaching is brand new. The Blog archive starts with August 2008. Now that's so new, especially since August isn't over yet. This is a site for new teachers, student teachers, and aspirants. This is what one might call, "Getting in on the ground floor." This site launched in August 2008, just in time for the new school year.

There is an overwhelming collection of resources for new teachers from all the states. The resources and articles are deep. I was bemused when I saw the Blog archive of a single month, August, 2008. Of course I clicked and was amazed at the find. 100 videos, awesome indeed. I only wish the time of each video is included in the blurb.

100 is a popular number at SmartTeaching. Symbolic? At least it isn't more than 100, though the plus symbol does appear once and 101 is used, and only 50 wikis... okay, a stretch, though 50 is half of 100. 100 is a good number, all scholars seek to attain it.

Only 101 ways to deal with stress? The calvary will arrive soon, though, right?

I found the 5o ways to use the wiki the most fun, cause this one I understood. Now since 50 is half 100, is this resource half full or half empty?

Then I saw it: "Baptism by Fire." Finally an action article. With words like terror, stressful, and crazy used in the introductory paragraph, I knew I was at the right link. These folks know how to talk to brand new teachers, prospective teachers, and student teachers. As I read through the list, I suddenly realized how useful all of this would have been to me when I was starting out. Oh well, never too late to learn new tricks.

The only confusion I had was that the Blog link doesn't open a Blog. Hope a Blog does appear and is under construction. This is a very useful and plentiful resource, one to return to often. It is delicious worthy.

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TeachMoore said...

Thanks for the great resource. I'm sharing this with my colleagues at the community college.