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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

When it rains it pours

I always forget how hectic it can be the first couple of days of school, perhaps weeks in a computer room. Forgotten passwords, outdated software, and unique situations every minute. I have both macs and PC's in my room so I'm troubleshooting in two languages. I only use Firefox, so that makes that part easy. Today we decided to update Firefox to 3.0. On the Mac the scholars couldn't do it because of a permissions issue. On the PC's I have it so the scholars can do stuff like this. I have new scholars in the school, so I have to make accounts for them. Other scholars forgot their passwords, so I had to reset those. Some scholars are working in a word processor, others are on the web reading the text, others are just getting started. Three ring circus comes to mind. This is why I love the computer technology. They can teach each other and do some of the tech support I need.

It is like riding a bicycle.

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