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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Quiz Apps

Online quiz and puzzle, and game oriented programs have permeated the Internet for years with programs like Quia. Today two new programs have caught the eye of many teachers at all levels of learning and in all disciplines. They are Quizlet and Study Stack.

Quizlet is a neat web based program that allows you to make flashcards for those activities in your class where flashcards are essential. The program works in stages: familiarize, learn, test. If you aren't ready to make your own, you can use anyone of the hundreds of quizzes already created by other teachers. Once you make your own, they will be available for others. What is so wonderful about this site is that we see diffeent ways to teach and learn the material.

StudyStack is a a very cool and versatile web based program. The material available on this site is phenomenal. It provides access to all disciplines at all levels. It goes beyond flashcards by providing games like hangman, crossword puzzles, matching games. From a pure edcuational perspective, study sheets and more are provided for the young scholar to learn those difficult things we need to memorize. This site is very comprehensive.

The good news about both these sites is that they are free.

1 comment:

W.Peterson said...

Thanks for the sharing. But the Quizlet or Study Stack seems not so easy to catch up...

I use Quia and another desktop app QuizCreator to make online quizzes. And I think online quizzes could be the best practice to enhance classroom as newly educational technologies.

william peterson
e-learning consultant