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Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm Thankful

Today is a day we pause to consider those things for which we are thankful. I'm thankful I'm not a burden on my family or friends. I'm thankful for my good health. I'm thankful for my family and loved ones. Heather is a good woman, tolerant and supportive. I'm thankful to have a good job I like and a home that is safe and comfortable. I am so proud of my children and thankful for them.

I am not thankful for politicians, bankers, and greedy selfish people who are ruining the planet and a way of life that makes living in it difficult. I am not thankful for the condition of the world and for the plight of millions of people who are not helped or provided the basics to live a quality life.

I would be thankful if the people of the world were more thoughtful about others and about the way in which we treat each other and live.

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