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Monday, December 8, 2008

Busy Week

As we move into December, life has gotten very hectic. The weekend before Thanksgiving and a few hours into the next, I laid a hardwood floor in our main living area, 300 square feet.

After dining with my daughter and her beau on Monday, we carried a 10 foot plus tree home. I set that up the next day in our backyard with 5 strands of colored lights. It preceded and outdoes the tree three blocks away at a center called Rockefeller.

All week I have been helping a colleague begin her class on Blogs: Wellness Works Best. I'm blown away by what she and the class have accomplished. Take a look and write to her and her scholars.

After school I will be visiting Strawberry Fields in Central Park to lay onto the star as a tribute to John Lennon, my traditional white rose wrapped in a paper holding list of names of people who want me to add their names to this tribute. I was outside the Dakota the night Lennon was felled. I have revisited the site every Dec 8 since. It is Monday and about as cold as it was that fateful night.


Kate said...

Hi Ted, I like your blog, but don't visit it often enough so I'll have to remedy that. Please add my name to your list with the white rose. Come visit my blog, too ( but my mazatlan blog is far more interesting because of the location and I'll resume that again when we snowbird there in Feb. 2009. Have a good week!!
Regards, Kate Mura

Kathryn said...


This is probably too late (my school blocked access to this site), but if possible, please add my name to your rose list as you have in the past.


Kathryn Young

Ted Nellen said...

Thank you Kate and Kathryn,

I got your email in time, Kate, but not yours, Kathryn, sorry.