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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yankees win

Tommy and I went to our first Yankee game at the new stadium. We arrived early at 10 AM for the 1:05 PM game. We were very impressed with the Great hall and the layout. We immediately made our way to the field to watch the Yankees in batting practice. All the pitchers were in right field. Tommy got Andy Pettite's autograph on his shirt. Joba didn't and it was his number on the shirt, weird. After batting practice we wandered around the new edifice.

We found our seats in section 426, row 11 (row 14 is the last row), seats 26 & 27 (isle) in the upper decks called the grandstands. Getting seats to the new stadium has been quite an ordeal, especially since we have had season tickets for the past eight years. Usually we are behind home plate, now we are just beyond third base. Just as the game began, it started to rain very lightly. The light rain continued through most of the game. It was a back and forth game with the teams exchanging the lead until the ninth tied 7-7. Homers were hit by Jeter, Matsui, and Melky who hit his first homer after Matsui, and his second one to end the game in the fourteenth inning.

Here is a short video of Jeter at bat:

Here is a video of the team returning to the dugout in the bottom of the 14th Inning followed by a 14th Inning stretch and the singing of "Take be out to the ballgame."

The Pictures:

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