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Monday, December 21, 2009

Duncan Encourages Use of Technology

Secretary Duncan has made a bold pronouncement about the use of technology in schools, and I hope it is heeded by the schools. "Duncan said that using technology the way today's students use it is key to making an impact." This is great news. I agree and so do many of us who use technology. He is asking for us to be more creative and this is fantastic. How will the schools respond to this? When will we see a positive reaction in schools to this announcement? How public will it be?

Changing the culture of schools is going to be a herculean task. Teachers need to learn how to use the tools the student use. We have been figuring out ways to curb their use and now we are expected to turn around and use them effectively. Just how is this going to happen?

I know I know a way to use the technology effectively and informatively. My scholars love working ion their webpages and many of my former scholars have used them for college admissions, to show employers, and to publish whatever they create.

I'm encouraged by what Secretary Duncan has said.

I was happy to see an old friend who is now a principal had his students involved in the conversation with Duncan. Bravo, Ben.

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