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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Why Technology hasn't Made a Difference

I still think technology is the panacea for education. I believe this because I see it working well when it is used correctly. The problem is that technology is not used correctly in too many instances.

Computers have always been ideal for data collection. When educational leaders try to use this strength, we usually see it done badly. We too often see badly designed tests, rarely field tested before use, that are used in school systems with many complaints and too many mistakes that cost schools, teachers, and students unneeded anguish.

Companies that try to create online tests do it badly. I've seen situations where the correct answer is not the correct answer. I have seen the system crash and the result is the loss of an exam. These companies are not flexible nor are they knowledgeable about education, they are only making tests.

In short, technology is used incorrectly in education and that is one reason technology has not had a positive affect on education. Technology should not be used to imitate the method previously used, but instead technology should be creating a method of assessment not capable of being done in the traditional classroom. We should be using the technology to have our scholars produce webpages and publish their work, not take multiple choice tests.

Another reason that technology has not had a positive affect on education is that we do not see any school district demand that the scholar produce a webfolio for graduation requirements. We still see only some test made by the state department of education or an third party. If we were to see a school district demand that each scholar submit a webfolio of their work as well as take a state test, then we would see technology provide that bump we need to see in education to make that education relevant to real life experiences. Once school districts begin to require a webfolio, the many other reasons technology hasn't been used well in schools will improve and we will begin to see just how powerful technology can be and that technology is the panacea in education. Technology has been used badly in education and hasn't been given a chance to show how good it can be for education.

We have seen how technology has changed other industries and how those industries have adapted. Education has neither accepted the technology nor has it adapted to using technology well. Consider how we bank, buy products, plan trips, prepare to see our doctor, communicate with others, and read our daily paper. Education has refused to incorporate technology in a meaningful way for many reasons and that is why our educational system is so lackluster and wanting. Correct use of technology would make a huge difference and would engage our scholars in learning. I know this because I see and hear it from my scholars and from those in classes where technology is used correctly. Technology will be the panacea for education when it is used correctly.