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Monday, February 1, 2010


"One word, sir."
"One word?"
"Yes, sir, one word."
"What word?"
"The big O, Obesity."
A long reflective pause, think Rodin.
"Why obesity?"

This was the conversation I had with the leader. He was incredulous with my one word solution. At some point he asked for examples.

"Fat cat."
"Fat cat?"
"Yes as in 'getting rich on our money'."
"I get it, obesity."
"yes, Obesity."

"Tell me more."
"Fuel hog."
"I get it"
A second-generation Chrysler dealer, whose lot had just been shut down, complained that the Harvard-educated experts on Wall Street and in Washington knew nothing about automobiles. (“I’ve been in this business since 1958, and what I know is that the American public does not want small cars!”)
"Don't forget big business."
"Oh, yeah, big business is definitely obese."
"The Supreme Court just made it bigger."
"I don't get it."
"Did you see the new flag at the Supreme Court?"

"So we must reverse our obese ways?"
"Yes, don't supersize me."
"We have to fight obesity."

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