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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back in London

Summer School ended for me on Thursday. Friday evening I boarded a plane to London. Arrived Saturday morning about 8AM to a cloudy warm day. I was in shorts and a tee shirt and very comfortable. This trip I'm staying in South London in Vauxhall area. The B&B is equidistant between two tube lines so I have good options depending on my plans.

After having a good English breakfast at a local establishment near Vauxhall tube and rail, filled with locals, I made my way to my B&B in middle of busy and pub rich area on Kennington Lane. After settling in, I set out to walk to the Globe through Elephant and Castle. I wouldn't recommend this walk as the E&C double roundabouts are a driver and pedestrian nightmare. Pedestrians are confronted with dozens of undergrounds that weave, intersect, and otherwise create a subterranean world. In addition, right in the middle of E&C is the Strata Tower, the most recent winner of the Carbuncle Award as the ugliest building. Once I finally escaped this maze, I found the lovely Ruse Pub, which had wifi and was showing the first game of the new Premier League season. Tottenham Hotspurs tied Manchester City nil nil. After the game I continued my journey to the Globe and the Union Theater.

On Sunday I will be seeing Henry IV parts 1&2. On Monday I will be seeing Merry Wives. On Tuesday, I will be seeing Double Falsehood, at the Union Theater, a play recently attributed to Shakespeare and not played in 200 years. On Wednesday, I will be seeing Henry VIII. Since I will be taking a 2330 train from Euston to Glasgow, where I will pick up Heather who will be arriving at the Glasgow airport Thursday morning at about 730AM, I headed out to Euston to pick up my tickets and to scope out the commute since it will be a tight commute after Henry VIII to catch the 2330 train. From there we will head up to Skye and the outer Hebrides for ten days. My chores were done, so I headed back the B&B, took a shower and headed to the Black Prince around the corner form the B&B for dinner. I discovered they had wifi, were paying the Chelsea massacre of West Brom. Food was excellent.

In addition to the Strata Tower, their is the massive Oval Cricket Field and the Vauxhall City Farm and the new Barcaly's borrow a bike program.

The sun was in and out all day with sudden showers followed by bright sun. A lovely respite from the heat and humidity of NYC this past six weeks. A good start to my three week holiday in UK.


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