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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Come on, Mr President

On Monday's NBC Today Show, President Obama said, "Money alone isn't the cure for America's ailing school system." He then went on to outline some ways he plans to improve education in America. All require money.

I've always been amused by this notion that money is not crucial in saving or even improving education in this country. Money isn't important? haha. Everything I hear from the Republican party about money tells me money is important and those who have it should keep it and not have to share it or make less. Money makes weak sports teams better and even winners and in some cases champions. Rich people have used their money to get elected to public office like the mayor of NYC. Money allows those with it to get better education for themselves and their children, to live in better homes and communities, to get better health care, to have things that those without money cant have. So please, don't tell me money can't improve things.

If money isn't a way to improve things why do CEO's demand such a high salary? Why are some athletes, actors, consultants paid so much? Of course money is important in improving anything and everything.

Schools can use more money to make schools safer; have better supplies, like computers, more and better books; pay for better teachers, like teams pay for better athletes; have better schools that have better classroom, more classrooms, and comfortable facilities; and have better food. Money, more money could begin to solve many problems with our schools, just as money has helped bail out the banks and corporations that caused our current economic woes. These very corporations responsible for the economic damage they did and caused, had lots of money, alone, thrown at them.

Why is it that only in education do we hear this expression, "Money alone isn't the cure for America's ailing school system," when we see it work in other areas of our life?

Come on Mr President.

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Brownieslivinginhawaii said...

Money rules the world. (Who rules the money?)
Nice post. :-)