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Friday, September 3, 2010

Walking London

Today I will be doing two London walks, Soho and the Inns of Court and conclude the day with Comedy of Errors at the Globe. After breakfast and a shower I took the number 3 bus to Piccadilly and walked to Leicester Square station. Graham a robust Scott led the tour. He fancied pointing out the better eateries and punctuated these recommendations by patting his belly and telling us how many times a year he has gone to each. Another fond discussion was the prostitutes. We were in Soho after all and now they were models and here was where you will find the licensed sex shops. It is also the theater district, Chinatown, little Italy, Greek town, and the home of the music industry. Graham was a wealth of info as are all the guides.

I went back to the Shakespeare Head pub for a half before taking a bus to my next walk's starting place at Holborn. At Holborn, I found a large Sainsbury and bought a sandwich I planned on eating in Lincoln Inn Field. It is a beautiful day and lots of other people had the same idea and it is Friday.

After lunch I made my way back to the meeting place at the Holborn station. Richard III, a guide we have had before was leading this tour of the Inns of Court. We visited Lincoln Inn, Gray's Inn, Staple Inn, Inner Temple, and Middle Temple. This is a most unique kind of tour because the average visitor would never find these sites. In fact I had found the Middle Temple before and was walking all around the others on other occasions. These are great places to know about to get off the congested streets, to find sanctuary in a crazy hectic world.

I took the bus, an old heritage bus, back to London Bridge to catch a bus home. I picked up dinner at the shop and came home to relax in the garden and do some work. Tonight, there are people here. Two little girls are playing and three young ladies are drinking some wine as they wind down from the week.

I discovered that Charlie Chaplin was born in Kennington.

Tonight I went to the Globe to see a marvelous rendition of Comedy of Errors. I am reminded about the concept of Time and Honor in Shakespeare. Two words I must explore one day when I have the time. This was the travelling troupe and everyone plays two roles, except the wife and sister. Antipholus and Dromio begin the antics of the same person playing both with the simple distinction of glasses. This is the funniest play I have seen and still find it one of my favorites. This cast was superb. I have been lucky with the brilliant plays I have seen this trip.

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