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Monday, November 29, 2010

Compromise? No a cop out.

This is not a compromise. This is a cop out, Steiner. We haven't had a competent commissioner since Tom Sobel.

It seems we get Cathleen P Black after all. Oh sure there will be an educational sidekick. Yeah that works. It didn't before. Remember Diana Lam?

This new two headed hydra is a bad idea in a pen of alpha dogs. The educational puppy will get run over by the alpha dog Black.

Never mind the voice of the people, never mind the recommendation of the hand picked educational committee against the waiver.

Why do our leaders disregard the voices of those around them? What makes us believe Black will even listen to that educational consultant who has come from within, a lapdog. Since Steiner has disregarded his advisors, Bloomberg has never listened to advisers, what makes us believe Black is any different? This is a terrible situation.

What is Steiner's problem. No balls, no guts, no brains, no scruples. Wonder what King Michael offered Steiner as an incentive.

Isn't this special, we have three more years of this nightmare. Public education in NYC is in deep yogurt.

Oh yeah, Gloria Steinem, I hope you are happy since you wanted Black only because she is a woman. How about a qualified woman. Gloria, I'm ashamed of you and I know my mom would be too for that stupid reason. There are far better and more qualified women out there for this job.

What happened to the procedure of applying for a job or a least having a list of choices for the job?

What an upside down world we live in right now. NYC is a good example of a plutocracy.

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