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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Youth is wasted on the young

I was shocked when I heard the numbers of young voters who voted, which told me the number who didn't vote.

Hey guys where were you on Nov 2?

Hungover in bed? At the bar, too busy bending the elbow to vote? Too high to remember to exercise your vote? In the sack, too lazy to vote? Obviously not doing your homework, otherwise you would have voted.

I remember your enthusiasm and presence in 2008. So what happened in 2010?

Would it have made a difference? You bet it would have, you little shits.

Seems the older generation still cares more about your future than you do.

Yo young shits, get your act together next election and vote, no matter what you think about your vote. Your vote matters. So you snot nosed little shits, vote the next time you can because we have fought for that right for you little shits.

I had some respect for you last election, but you lost it all this time around you little shits.

Those who didn't vote are the best argument why parents should eat their young.

The young voter turnout sucked and so do those of you who didn't vote you little shits.

And you wonder why we can't take you little shits seriously.

Vote next time you little shits.

Quite obviously someone is wasting money on your education.

Voting is an obligation, a right, a way of making your voice heard.

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