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Friday, December 3, 2010

Good education is good economics

I just heard what sounds like a threat from the off shore oil advocates. "If we don't drill off shore we will lose jobs." Fear. That is the message of scary ones. Beware the scary ones. I remember when Detroit began to decline and then crash. Why did this happen to Detroit? Quite simply the workers in Detroit auto industry never finished their education and when Detroit had to retool to compete with Japan, the workers were unable to read the new manuals.

We don't need to drill off shore baby, what we need to do is create new forms of energy to replace our need for oil. Instead of suggesting or even threatening, why not figure out a new way to find energy sources that are not detrimental or bad for us and the environment. Instead of doing things that are bad for us again and again, please discover a new way to do this and to make money. To do this, we all need is an education, baby. The threats suggest we are too stupid to do something better. Figure it out, idiots. It starts by going to school, staying in school, and maybe reeducating ourselves. Our economics should not be dictated by idiots who can't learn and by the scary ones who are stuck in doing it the SOSO way.

The new industries can be wind, solar, water, and other natural resources. We have to reeducate ourselves to understand we don't need those fossil fuels anymore because they are bad for us. Heck if this industry wants to stay off shore figure out how wind turbines can be erected and maintained in places you want to drill for oil. The new economy should be based on new ideas, not on the old ideas and ways of doing things as Detroit discovered and many of American manufacturers. We are getting our butts kicked by those countries who have discovered how to do things in a new and improved way. Our advertisers constantly use "NEW' and "IMPROVED" on products, but neither our thinking nor ideas about manufacturing are NEW or IMPROVED. We seem to have forgotten how to make things. Now we need to apply these words to us, the people of America, by reeducating or actually finishing school and actually learn how to do and make things.

Another by product of this lack of education in America, besides the constant belittling of American schools, is seen in the American electorate. This electorate believes the lies of such blowhards as Beck and the scary ones. "Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see" means you should investigate, search out the truth of things instead of believing the blowhards, the scary ones.

It is about education and America is quite obviously not as educated as it should be and we have proven this not only on tests in schools, but also in our politics and economics. Who has been in charge of schools recently? Beware the scary ones.

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