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Monday, December 6, 2010

Let's Follow the Business Model

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DATA. It is all about the data. In all areas of our lives we are analyzing the data. Are we relying too much on data? Data or statistics is a crap shoot. Look at how statistics works (doesn't work) in sports. Bankers and numbers, now there's a nightmare scenario. Taking an accountant, business, management led team into an educational leadership position is suicide. We know this, yet, we continue to make the same mistake. That's politics, baby.

How has education that has been led by non-educational leaders fared?

Look at the numbers, but not theirs, haha. Obviously we do not learn from our mistakes nor admit them. Stay the course King Michael.

Haha, the first words from Queen Cathy have been about teachers and tenure. Let's not lose sight of the job of education, Cathy. How about the curriculum and the business of education, not union busting. It will be a waste of time and only prove your incompetence. Follow the educational plan, needs, ideas. It's not about teacher tenure it's about leadership, EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP, Cathy. Let's work on classroom size, materials, curriculum and see how the teachers respond. Teachers are of course an easy target, whereas the tough work is done in the trenches with curriculum, materials, and the classroom. This is why you were the wrong choice. The first time you open your big mouth you put your big foot into it. Now the only time you will open your mouth is to change feet. And this is day one. You already have a steep learning curve. Oh and stop talking about yourself, it's not about you, it's about the children, so please get on with your work of education.
Education requires a consistency, not a foolish consistency, but a consistency. Teachers have rituals and routines that they use each day to help the young scholars learn. When that routine is changed it "upsets the applecart." The young scholars need absolutes so that the changing world can be addressed. Business leaders just don't understand this idea about pedagogy. Education takes time like good cooking. Concentrate on the substance of education and not the teachers. How dare you walk into a new position without doing your homework and take on the teachers. It is a waste of time and effort and demonstrates your ignorance about education and running a school system. Learn education first, sweetheart.

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