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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Publish or Perish

Just listened to a radio show about colleges.


Educators must run places of education. It isn't about tenure, it is about education. Education is not a business. Education is a place that thrives on mistakes. Mistakes are the fodder of learning, Schools are supposed to be a place where we play, practice things. If we make mistakes, no problem, we should learn from those mistakes. When we publish we are able to broadcast to the public our capabilities. Peer review, access to our work so that anyone, or specific people can read my ideas in y writings. This is what CyberEnglish is all about. My scholars publish, otherwise they will perish.

This publish thing confuses me. Get a blog, write a webpage, tweet. Anyone and everyone can publish. There lies the rub. Since everyone publishes, that requires I read all this stuff and make my own mind up. The Internet, which was an interactive tool is slowly becoming a consumer environment like television and radio. We have blogs and we have webpages, the real power. Look at Facebook and WikiLeaks. These giants are all about webpages. Yes webpages. The power of America is its ability to be producers, not consumers, not agents, but producers. The zenith of America in the Gilded Age was our ability to produce to manufacture. Manufacturing is moving from hand made to cyber producers. The new money is online, in online business and services.

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