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Thursday, January 27, 2011

A heart attack snow

This is a dangerous 19 inches of wet snow. At 4AM I woke to find the backyard inundated with another blanket of snow. I got dressed to shovel the steps and clear the snow off the plastic shed protecting the bikes and access to space under the steps for the cats. I was very surprised at how heavy and sticky this snow was. This is dangerous stuff. I call it heart attack snow. I cleared a simple path down the steps and the plastic. I stopped shoveling and walked to the pond to check on the pump which was just fine. I cleared some snow from around the pump. I stomped the snow to the pond and cleared snow from the hanging planters and chimes. This was all I was going to do for now. I don't have too many more places to put this snow.

I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood and take pictures. I walked the block of 5oth and 49th between 10th and 9th Aves. The plows were moving in threes and only doing the avenues. No plows had done these two bus route streets, 49th and 50th. Lots of private plows doing the ConEd facility, a school, a UHaul rental. Some supers were out doing their sidewalks and some storefronts were cleared. Some cars were stuck and spinning their wheels. People were walking in the streets in the places where dump trucks and private carting trucks have packed down the snow. Only high four wheel vehicles are moving. Low riding wheel vehicles can't navigate streets as I see a taxi stuck and a Mercedes spinning its four wheels. As I head home, three people are waiting for a bus that won't be here for a long time and then I'm passed by a bike delivery guy.

When I return home at 5:30AM, I learn there is no school, no bus service, and very limited subway service. Only emergency city agencies are open. I learn the weather is going to get colder, and more snow till Saturday. The snow this January has broken all records for snow in January and more is coming, cool.

Bad news, Tweed offices are open, so I walk Heather to the R train and take in the sights to and from the train at 49th and Broadway. No busses, the streets aren't plowed but the avenues are. There are still cars on the road that shouldn't be, especially some cabs driven by drivers who have no clue about driving in the snow. Then we have the macho SUV driver who demonstrates arrogant and obnoxious behavior indigenous of that kind of driver in that kind of car.

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