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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Black is Out!!


It doesn't matter why Cathy Black is out. The point is she is gone and good riddance. The real issue is why she was ever appointed in the first place. This is disgusting. One has to consider the number of deputy chancellors who have left since she took office. When will we learn that non educators make for bad education leaders?

This also speaks to the fall of Mayor Bloomberg and his very stubborn and arrogant ways of doing things. His forcing a third term was a bad idea and since then he has bumbled his way along.

So much for the children of NYC. What a total disaster this is for education in NYC. Public polls are one thing our leaders better listen to, just look to the Mideast to discover that mistake.

Now maybe we will stop seeing these business oriented people heading our schools, it doesn't work. We know this as we look at the failures of non educators in leadership of schools from Paige to Rhee and all the failures in between, including Cathy Black.

Even Walcott, although a better choice, is still not the best choice for chancellor. He, too, will have to go through the waivers. Let's do it right in the future Mr Mayor. Why can't you get this important job right?

Listen to Brian Lehrer discuss this, hear Mayor Bloomberg announce the change, and introduce our new chancellor, Dennis Walcott.

More conversation has been discouraging as some see Walcott as a competent replacement and even Canada's name has emerged. Boy have we lowered the standard of what would make a good chancellor. Think education and educational credentials, NOT business credentials. We have seen the failure of this tact over and over again across the country.

More from The Brian Lehrer Show a day later.

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