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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wonder Wheel

I saw a new application listed on the Google tools the other day, Wonder Wheel. I was doing a Google search of "metaphor" and when I pushed Wonder Wheel here is what I got:
To find Wonder Wheel, go to and select WEB in upper left corner in Classic Google. On left see tools and scroll down the list until you will see Wonder Wheel. You may have to click "search more tools" to see Wonder Wheel. Have Fun, I did. This is a fine research tool.


Paul said...

this is cool, ted. i also enjoy visuwords, a visual thesaurus:

Dawn said...

This is pretty cool, Ted. I like also that when you click on one of the spokes, you go further. And further can mean deeper or it could mean further away. So, we'd need to teach that aspect as well. Thanks for sharing.