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Friday, June 29, 2012

Air Conditioning

Today was hot.

I enjoyed nature's air conditioning. I went to the beach. I fetched my umbrella and set it up. The umbrella has a 50 UV rating. I know when I'm sitting under it, I am cooler than I am under a traditional cloth umbrella. After sitting under this umbrella, I'm in need of some sun, so I get up from my chair and walk into the sun. The change is alarming. It is unbearable, the sand is hot, and I find myself walking quickly to the water, expecting to hear a "sssss" from the relief my hot feet will get from the cool water. No "sssss" but it is refreshing.

While riding the waves, I look back to my place on the beach and admire the simplicity of my air conditioner. It is simply made with a rated UV beach umbrella and a good beach chair.  And as the tide comes in, it gets even more efficient.

Today was hot.

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ppppparker said...


I know what you mean. I grew up by the beach in San Diego so it wasn't that hot but still hot enough to need an umbrella. Gotta love natures air conditioning :)