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Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Lazy Rainy Day

I woke today to the sound of rain this morning. It rained all day. Today's walk was intended to investigate different restaurants and get a lens cover for my camera. I lost it yesterday. I had a list of restaurants I wanted to find and investigate.

The list:
The Fish Company or Fiskifelagio
The Grillmarket
Eidar Ben
The Sea Baron or Saegreifinn

After an early breakfast, I retired to my room to read some and just lay and listen to the rain and studded tires as the hustle and bustle of the day commenced. I may have snoozed some. Eventually I dragged myself up and got dressed for the adventure. The rain had let up to an annoying drizzle and heavy mist. It was warmer than yesterday, so no ice as there was my first day here. My first destination was SNAPS which was closest to my guesthouse. It was a delightful place and because of its proximity, it won high marks. the food looked good, but today's fish of the day was ocean perch, not a favorite of mine. It was a hip place and had a great ambiance, but somehow it didn't feel like a foody place.

I continued on to the camera store to get the lens and then proceeded down to the waterfront to the Viking ship. On my way to the waterfront, I passed a cute scene: one black and white outside a basement window meowing to another black and white cat inside behind a window. From the ship I turned left and headed toward the Old Harbor to find my other restaurants. Right in front of me was Harpa. Last time I was here, it was under construction and I knew it was going to block the lovely view of the harbor and mountain across from Reykjavik. I found this to be the case on my first day when I strolled along Tjornin Lake in town. I navigated around this monstrosity to the Old Harbor.

Once in the Old Harbor, I found Hofnin and the Sea Baron as well as a couple of restaurants I had seen in reviews. I had planned to stop at the Sea Baron for their famous lobster soup. This was a funky seaside joint that reminded me of my favorite dives on Nantucket and the New England coast. I discovered they also served fish skewers along with the soup. I had a great lunch of lobster soup and a whale skewer. I will return here again.

After putting on my damp clothes, I continued my quest through the 101 section of town, the tourist designation and trap. Quaint, but not for dining, I discovered by the outrageous prices of The Fish Company, Einar Ben, and Grillmarket. The Volcano Museum and City Art Museum are destinations to return to another day. Escaping the clutches reaching out for my Kronas, I found myself in a friendlier environment of the English Pub. I had brought some bread with me to feed to the swans so I turned right at the Paris Cafe and passed by the Hotel Borg and wove my around the Reykjavik Cathedral to Tjornin Lake. On my way I passed an interesting lunch place in a basement, but saw a more intriguing doorway with a lovely menu that included Puffin and Arctic char. I entered and walked upstairs to be greeted by a man wearing a NY Yankee cap and a Manchester United football jersey. We spoke about last night's games and our delight with the outcome, Beckham's fate, and other stuff. He was very engaging as he showed me around the most cozy and lovely restaurant. I had decided that was my dinner destination that evening.

I feed the swans, ducks, and geese before heading home along the lakeside to dry off and to read some and even nap before dinner.

I arrived at Vid Tjornina at 1830 and was the first diner and got a lovely table by the window facing the square and cathedral. I ordered a half carafe of Pinot Grigio and decided on the fish soup, followed by puffin, and Arctic char. The gentleman who served the food was the fellow I had met earlier. Before the char came out, he brought me a delicious plate of horse strips, which were tender and very tasty. Upon leaving, I spoke to my server to discover he was the owner. I had told him of my plans to return when I returned next week for the Christmas dinner that included goose and other delights. This restaurant has given strong competition to 3 Frakkars as my favorite restaurant in Reykjavik. The place was full, especially with locals ( a good sign) when I left.

I wandered down to the waterfront to see if the Imagine Peace Light was visible. Barely visible, I pause a few moments, reflected and I was at peace as I found another way home passing art galleries and beautifully decorated houses.

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