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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Arrived in Iceland

The trip from Berlin, MD to Reykjavik, Iceland was an all day affair. It was the easiest and smoothest trip I've had. Not using NYC makes all the difference. I flew from Salisbury, MD to Philadelphia to Boston to Iceland. All planes left on time, loaded quickly, and were what flying should be.

I arrived in Iceland at 7AM Nov 27. Had the rest of my food at the cafe where I had a tea. Got my car and drove to the Blue Lagoon to spend most of the day relaxing in the magic geothermal saltwater. The sun rose at 10AM while I was playing in the Lagoon. As I was driving into Reykjavik to my guesthouse, Baldursbra, I watched the sunset in the rear view mirror at 4:30 PM. I settled in quickly and headed into town to the English Pub to check on game times and had a pint, did some shopping, walked by 3 Frakkar to find out when dinner will be served. After dinner I'll head back to the Pub to watch tonight's English Football games and walk down to the water at halftime to see the Imagine Peace Tower light.

Oh it is so good to be back in Iceland. I'll be in Reykjavik for 3 days, drive up to Akureyri for 7 days to see the Northern Lights, and then return to Reykjavik for 4 days before returning home.

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