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Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Day Trip to Myvatn

I woke early and got out by 10AM to make the drive to Myvatn.

Myvatn is a special place because of the volcanic action so recent in history. The drive (1 1/2 hours) takes me through a valley carved out by a glacier. It meanders through that valley and eventually up onto mountain ridges, past waterfalls, over rivers and eventually into the aftermath of a huge volcanic eruption a couple of thousand years ago.

The result is a unique moonscape with a large lake that is the major source for Arctic carp and dozens of variety of duck. It is a playground for people as this area is a national park with paths through the lava fields and a very unique natural bath which is heated by all the thermal activity in the area.

The Nature Baths are a delightful way to end the day before the drive back to Akureyri. I'm the only person here today for the first hour until I'm joined by a couple. As I leave at dusk, the place begins to fill up. These baths rival the Blue Lagoon. The baths are heated by thermal and the steam baths by a fissue in the ground. The baths are under constant supervision by a specialist who is watching monitors for danger. Because the lagoon is so exposed, I'm having snow blown over my head from the snowfields that surround the lagoon. My hair begins to freeze. But after being in the lagoon for an hour, walking around in this -3 degree Celsius weather, I'm unfazed. I spend two hours enjoying the baths and steam and have a most relaxing ride home in spite of the wild road conditions as the wind blows the snow across the road for nearly the entire 95 KM.

The horses seem to be be the only living thing that enjoys this wind and cold. And the Icelanders love their horses. They are as unique to Iceland as the ponies are unique to Assateague.

I decide to watch some American Football at the local sports bar which has the Vikings Packers game on of course. It starts at 6PM here. It makes for nice dinner entertainment.

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