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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Imagine Peace

This is the first time I have not been at or near the Dakota in NYC on this date since 1980. Being in Iceland on this date is a treat to see the Imagine Peace Tower. Thank you, John.


Mark Ahlness said...

I wondered about you on this day Ted, so far away from NYC and an event you've marked, and led others in remembering since, 1980... Thanks for reminding us all once again.

Safe travels - Mark, a 1/4 Icelander, living in Seattle

Ted Nellen said...

Great to hear from you Mark. Does the 1/4 Icelander get you back to this wonderful Island?

Mark Ahlness said...

Ha. I remember my one visit to Iceland, looking out the plane window at the airport, thinking we had landed on the moon, a stopover on the way to a college choir tour in Europe, a looong time ago :) Have enjoyed your sharing the beauty of the place.