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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday in Akureyi

Last night I couldn't get to sleep so I decided to get dressed and step out at midnight. Akureyri was very busy. The streets were active with people heading to some place. The clouds blocked the sky, so no Northern Lights. I headed into to town and was drawn to an underground club with some loud pretty music. I entered a very active club and a trio on stage. The drummer was shirtless, the bass player was enveloped in smoke and a guitar player whose hair was straight and down passed his ass was. The music was hard, loud, and very very good. The audience was up and dancing and shouting. It was like a concert. I left at 130 and strolled lazily through town on my way home. The bars I had been to earlier were now packed and spilled into the streets.

I slept well and woke at 9 AM and went down to breakfast. After breakfast I got into the car and drove around investigating in the light, driving over snow packed streets. It was a busy Saturday morning like any other place. I had planned on watching some football at the bowling alley because they had food so I could get lunch and a couple of beers as I watched The Spurs beat Fulham and ManU beat Reading. Both games had an exciting half of football while the other half was lackluster. The bowling alley was fun as their were some league games, a party, and families recreating. It was probably a better choice than a local bar, that doesn't serve food. Next Saturday, I'll be in Reykjavik for some key games at the English Pub.

View of Akureyri and ski slope on Rt 1 to Myvatn

I had dinner at Goya Tapas Bar. I had a prosciutto wrapped around a date plate, a horse plate, a lamp plate, and a duck plate. All local meats. It was another fabulous dinner. After dinner I went back to my room, changed into warmer clothes and headed out in the car to a spot in the mountains to find the Northern Lights. No Luck. Got home at 130AM and prepared for a day trip to Myvatn and the Nature Baths as well as some other sites. Lots to do there which may demand a second visit in the week.

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