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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

HTML Style Sheet goes to Belgrade

Last week a student from Belgrade contacted me:
I am writing to inquire regarding your web page about the style sheet where I have found a lot of useful information. My name is Vera and I'm currently studying at the Faculty of Computer Science in Belgrade. Here is the URL of your article:
I would like to share it with the people from Former Yugoslav Republics: Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
I would be grateful if you could allow me to translate your writing into Serbo-Croatian language, that is used in all Former Yugoslav Republics and to post it on my website. Hopefully, it will help our people to gather some additional knowledge about computing.
Imagine that. This is very cool and the page she created is awesome. She accomplished the task is a week and is now in the middle of exams. Good luck Vera.
This is why I love the web, it is such a democratizing tool and HTML is instrumental.

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paul turtola said...

My link to the html power point isn't working on your page, so I've updated it to another website:

Been enjoying your thoughts about literature, technology and your travels...