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Friday, February 8, 2013

When the Killing's Done, a Lovely Day

I’ve picked up another cheeky TC Boyle novel, When the Killing’s Done, a nautical tale in the Northern Channel Islands of California. Drowning is probably my biggest fear. Imagine my delight when he reintroduced the Tokachi-maru, a twelve-thousand ton freighter out of Nagoya, Japan in this book, the same vessel he had a Japanese sailor jump from to start East is East, my first Boyle novel.
I’ve spent all day of rain inside, by the fire inhaling this novel of conflict, deceit, selfishness, rain, death, and above all hypocrisy. What a celebration of misadventure of man and nature. Of man attempting to right nature, to correct nature, to control nature. It’s all an accident with the predator competing with predator. This is one of the most karma-laced books I’ve ever read. Man and his Eden always in conflict.
It's stopped raining, moved north to wreak havoc on the NE with Nemo. I'm off to the beach to see the waves and enjoy my little Eden. It has turned into a Lovely Day

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