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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Blackwater NWR 13th Anual Eagle Festival

Colbert eat your heart out. This place rocks!! 

The eagle prowl took place all day on Saturday March 9, 2013 at the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Cambridge, MD. It was fabulous. I will be going back many times. Next time I want to take my bike so I can go slower and more easily. I want to go between Dec 1 and Feb 1 next year because that is mating season and the best time to see them clasp talons in the spiral fall. Saw two talon clasps yesterday, but not amorous nor for long. On one occasion it was definitely hostile over fishing rights. I saw an eagle swoop down and grab a fish from the water and get chased by another one into the forest. I saw lots of eagles, lots of nests, which are huge, blue herons, white pelicans, hawks, and a variety of injured rapters displayed by the Blackwater staff. After the crazy weather we have been having of rain and 40+mph winds up to Friday, Saturday was cloudless, windless, and crisp. 

 Great Horned Owl

 White Pelican

 Red Tailed Hawk

 Elf Owl

 Swainson's Hawk

 The majestic Bald Eagle

 It doesn't get any better.

 Peregrine Falcon

 Bare tree on right with mistletoe

 Eagle's Nest dead center

Eagle's Nest

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