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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Should we see Lennon's glasses?

John Lennon's glasses December 8, 1980

Yoko posted this image on her 44th wedding anniversary with John on March 22. Fair or Foul?
We see stats on killings since Newtown and yet little or nothing has really happened. Talk Talk. Seeing these glasses is painful and it should be. Mathew Brady brought the war into the homes of US citizens during the Civil War. Television brought the Vietnam War into our homes. Pictures of the dead from The Mid East wars have been banned for what reason? Why don't we see the dead anymore? Would it make us stand up and say no more!

Seeing numbers is one thing but seeing the bodies of the dead that those numbers represent might and I think would make us change things. We have warnings on movies about violence and yet we do not show the real and actual violence done by Man on Man.

I'm not happy to see these glasses, but I'm even more unhappy about the continued deaths without any move to resolve this growing problem of gun violence. John is a symbol of Peace and his death was horrendous and so unnecessary. Perhaps we should now see the dead body of violent death reported on the news. It would change things, I'm very sure. Seeing the dead during the Civil War, during Vietnam had a positive effect on stopping those wars. That we don't see those returning to Dover AFB is hiding something from the people.

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