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Monday, March 25, 2013

The Lawgiver

Herman Wouk is still writing at ninety-seven. His latest novel, The Lawgiver, is about Moses a story he has wanted to tell since before he wrote The Caine Mutiny. Now he is finally getting to it and the yellowing notes he has had since those early days.

Letters, notes, email, texts, Skype, to name a few are the format of this novel. HW is working secretly o his novel about Moses when a recent Academy Award winning Director to ask him to do a movie on Moses hounds him. Coincidence? No.
Think about Mel Brooks, Woody Allen, and Elmore Leonard’s Get Shorty and you have a hint at the fast paced, hilarious novel by Herman Wouk. He attacks unrelenting all aspects of Jewish life that includes the father daughter falling out and reunification, the three women and their men, men and their women, food, and love and sex. It includes lawyers, movie moguls, and warriors. Wouk is masterful as he goes from one media to the next without worrying about mixing his media. It is brilliant and laughs out loud funny. And he is always deferring to his bride of 60 years although she always concludes he will do as he wants as always which is what she wants. The Lawgiver is biblical.

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