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Monday, April 1, 2013

Communion Town

 Now here's a cruel April Fool's Joke.
When are we, where are we, who are we? There seem to be numerous narrators in Communion Town A City in Ten Chapters by Sam Thompson. Allegories can be tough and this one is. We go from being new arrivals, being observed by a narrator who is concerned for our well being, a rickshaw driver, to another narrator a child seeking a goodie toy, to a Sam Spade kind of out of luck private dick who can’t help but get beat up and drunk to a double edged story of a slaughter man.
I gave up on this book after about 70 pages, then came back to it a week later and after another 100 pages and more silly stories, I came to the conclusion this book is a waste of time. Again disappointment with Man Booker and their vision.

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