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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stepping Stone by Walter Mosley

Truman Pope is reminded, “to pay attention” by his former 4th grade teacher, Ms Boucher in Stepping Stone by Walter Mosley.  Truman had learning and speaking problems, Ms Boucher cured. Truman now delivered mail for HBH, a corporation on East 56th in NYC. He has been the only permanent employee of the mailroom for the past 21 years. One day he spies a beautiful woman dressed in yellow and follows her. This gets him in some trouble with HR. He meets her again in the vault. Truman is very good at what he does, he is pure and so many people think he is troubled, slow, and simple. He is not.
True has dreams and nightmares. He sees into the future. Sometimes we don’t know if he is in the real world or the dream world. He has powers and can command people and they listen and follow. As he says, it is better to listen and not talk. He helps people by saying, “Pack a bag and go to a place where you want to be.” And they do. He has identified his vision woman as Minerva and she is bothering him and not answering his questions. She advises him but still doesn’t explain herself to him nor himself to himself. He’ll figure it out eventually she assures him. Then he meets Maud who is nineteen to his forty. Things change. Truman is special.
What if God were human.

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