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Friday, May 17, 2013

The Love Machine by Walter Mosley

Marchant Lewis has created a love machine or he is a love machine, sort of in Love Machine by Walter Mosley. Engaging in an experiment with Lewis, a seven foot five hundred plus African American changes Lois, a petite Korean female. The experiment involved a little device that when touched by Lois and Lewis does things to Lois she can’t explain nor understand that involve sex, her boyfriend and her thinking of Lewis and in fact being drawn to him for no other reason than the experiment and she wants to know what and why.
It’s complicated. When she merged with Lewis via the electric machine, her character, personality, memories were absorbed by Lewis and the others who were also merged. And she, too, absorbed them. She was interested at first in reversing this experiment. She and they were empaths. Sleep and being awake were becoming confused. They live communally in the house named the End of the World. They are a collective called the Co-Mind. Whenever says he is going to create a better world, a new world order, we instinctively reject it which is what Lois is doing, though she is intrigued. Lewis is a  monster and the act of co mingling, absorbing, and spitting out is all part of conquering the world. Are we awake or asleep?

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