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Friday, June 21, 2013

Rituals & Routines

Instead of a book review today, I'm going to speak about rituals and routines. The routine of most days is an easy rising. During breakfast I watch the DVR'ed John Stewart and The Colbert Report. Breakfast is oatmeal with an egg or toasted raisin bread with peanut butter. I then take a bike ride anywhere from 30 miles to 100 miles. If I don't take a bike ride, I spend more time at the beach, if it is a beach day. If I don't go to the beach, lunch at about 3PM is the big meal of the day consisting of meat, fish, or chicken with three to four vegetables. If I go to the beach, I take the main meat and veggies I can grill or I premake something like pasta and pesto and eat around six. At the beach, I read magazines and journals. I don't take books to the beach. I read New York Review of Books, New Yorker, Atlantic, and Smithsonian. I fish or not depending on tide and wind. I watch the sunset. I listen to Yankee games when they are on. During night home stands, I take wood for a fire. The moon entertains me. And of course the night sky on a clear or partly cloudy evening is awesome. My favorite evenings are those around the full moon when the sun sets and then the moon rises soon thereafter and when the Yankees win.

The ritual of Book reading begins in the early hours upon rising before breakfast and at night at bedtime and haphazardly during the day. If it isn't an outdoor day, I do lots of book reading. Book reading is controlled by the weather. During the day between chores, I will stop and read a chapter or section of a book.

Time is measured in pages not minutes.

Happy birthday Caitlin.

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