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Monday, July 15, 2013

Bad Bird by Chris Knopf

Sam Acquillo’s lawyer is Jackie Swaitkowski, who is the main character in her own novel, Bad Bird by Chris Knopf. Jackie was having dinner with Sam one night when a car exploded in front of the restaurant they were in and five people were killed while Jackie received serious wounds and required plastic surgery. Now a plane falls out of the sky and nearly hits her.
Jackie is the kind of girl who just can’t help herself. She is nosy and a busy body. She immerses herself into the situation by becoming the lawyer to the husband, Ed Conklin, of the lady who dies in the plane crash. Why? Because the woman looked at her from the plane and Jackie doesn’t sense this was an accident. Of course the husband, the plane mechanic will be suspected.
Of course it gets more complicated and involves a long lost brother, a crime committed in the past, the wrong person convicted, a sex change, and the mix of usual suspects in a Chris Knopf caper. This is a good quick rainy day read filled with fun surprises, twists, and turns.

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That's a neat summary that evokes the need to read it fully. Thanks for sharing.