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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hard Stop by Chris Knopf

A messenger from his old employer, George Donovan, CEO of Consolidated Global Energies, visits Sam in the middle of the night at his home in Hard Stop by Chris Knopf. The reason for the visit is to get something on Sam so Sam would do something for Donovan, find his missing girlfriend, Iku Kinjo. Donovan is married and not to Iku. Donovan has a slight problem and needs Sam to extricate him quietly. Sam left Con Global under certain conditions and a cloud so the nighttime visit was necessary for leverage against Sam. Sam upset that applecart.
It is quite the rollercoaster ride for Sam as he is in chase and search mode while constantly looking over his shoulder and collecting firearms along the way. His search for Iku ends when he finds her dead at her boyfriend’s house. He is becoming a regular at Southampton Police HQ; in fact a new wing may be named in his honor.
He spends more quality time with his daughter. He reflects on some of the good memories of his dad. Sam is lightening up and is even getting in fewer fights. He always stayed away from the past, but the past reached out and yanked hi back in. He had one way the extricate himself from its grasp and that was to solve the murder of Iku.
Sam spends more time in this story self examining than in his previous here adventures.

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