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Monday, August 19, 2013

Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks

How many of us have fantasized or actually put a message in a bottle and thrown it into the ocean from the beach or a boat? There are so many scenarios of this event and the magic that is associated with this act. There are so many fun tales and stories about throwing a bottle into the ocean with a message in it that the title of this 1998 novel caught my eye. The only question left, after you have decided to throw a bottle into the water, is what would the message be?  Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks provides the answer to this question and the result of carrying out the act of throwing a bottle into the ocean with a message in it.
Theresa and Garrett are two lonely people who discover each other not by chance, but by some supernatural event. Theresa lives in Boston with her son and is a columnist for a local paper. Garrett lives in Wilmington, NC. He owns and operates a dive shop there. His pregnant wife died three years earlier in a terrible car accident. He sends messages to his lost wife in bottles he throws into the ocean. Theresa finds one of these bottles, a second one is sent to her, and she discovers a third one in Yankee magazine.
Theresa tracks down Garrett and visits him without telling him about the messages in the bottles. He is still having dreams about his dead wife. They are both locked into their separate lives and living alone. There love grows to its ultimate place, but neither can budge from there places which can only have a tragic concluson as we are left with “if only.”

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