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Monday, August 26, 2013

Return to Oakpine by Ron Carlson

Return to Oakpine by Ron Carlson is all about the undefeated championship team of 1969. A member of that team now asks his son why he ran around the town to which his son replies, “ Because I’m alive, Father.”
Oakpine is coming to life again as the boys from ’69 are returning home. The old band is getting together and Jimmy has come home to die. Football is still big on Saturday. We all know what it is like when those who have been gone for so long return home.
Decades measure the time the band lasted played. A generation has been added, so that those boys of ’69 are now fathers. Saturdays are still for football and in one son’s senior year there is a battle of the bands and the son will fill in for one of the older, unable to play band members. Innocence and missed romances are renewed and reflected on. For Mason, going home was possible.

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