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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Humans by Matt Haig

After the last read, it seems appropriate to read The Humans by Matt Haig. A visitor from far far away visits earth, takes over a human’s body and life, Professor Andrew Martin, and writes a book about his adventures, discoveries, and observations. Hilarious would be to put it mildly. “No wonder they are a species of primitives. By the time they have read enough books to actually reach a state of knowledge where they can do anything with it, they are dead. They need to sit down and look at each word consecutively.”
Our visitor is here because Prof Martin has solved/proven the Riemann hypothesis and this is not good for the universe. Our visitor’s mission is to eliminate all traces of the proof and to eliminate all who know about it. Integrating into the family and work is a daunting task for our visitor. The wife, Isobel, the son, Gulliver, and the dog, Newton must be probed for information and then eliminated is the general consensus. He tells the dog after enjoying a jar of peanut butter and music, Debussy and the Beach Boys, “I am here to destroy information. Information that exists in the bodies of certain machines and the minds of certain humans. That is my purpose. Although, obviously, while I am here I am also collecting information. Just how volatile are they? How violent? How dangerous to themselves to others? Are their flaws – and there do seem to be quite a few – insurmountable? Or is there hope for them? These questions are the sort I have in mind, even if I am not supposed to. First and foremost though, what I am doing is elimination.” So instead of eliminating Newton, he cures his blindness, fixes his limp and turns a hater into a lover. Instead of growling at the visitor now, Newton licks the visitor’s face and follows him everywhere. He connects with Gulliver who has been estranged from the Professor for two years. Something was happening to the visitor.
The Mork like conversations the visitor is having with his home planet are disturbing his people. The visitor is getting too close, too involved with humans for their liking. Is the mission going to be compromised? No, he insists, just more research is needed. Be careful, the humans will suck you in if you aren’t on guard, they remind him. Too late.

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