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Friday, October 11, 2013

Compound Murder by Bill Crider

Compound Murder by Bill Crider is another Dan Rhodes Mystery. Ah domesticity, Rhodes lives in a zoo. An English teacher gets killed in Texas, glad I’ve retired. Quoting the Dean, “it’s always something with the English teachers.”
Sheriff Dan Rhodes always seems to have his days filled with hair robbery from the solon, cooper wire theft from air conditioners and abandoned houses, hogs running amuck in houses and murder.  One of the college students suspected of being involved with the murder of his English professor lives and was brought up on a Waco type compound. He, however, wants out, which is why he is going to the local college. Rhodes has a quite, thoughtful demeanor, despite what his deputy thinks. He is also the model for a fictional heroic sheriff. He doesn’t disappoint in the end. As he sets out to solve the murder of the English teacher he proves to them he is no country bumpkin, he knows things that shock them. His house has one more rescued animal, a cat this time.

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