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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Killer Critique by Alexander Campion

Killer Critique by Alexander Campion is the return to work and antics of Capucine and Alexandre. She is a police Commissaire and he a senior food critic for Le Monde.  Another food critic drowns in his soup and it is on film because he was video taping the meal as part of his work. He wasn’t dead when his face fell into the soup. It stayed there and he drowned in his own soup. It raises some questions of why no one helped him.
After two more murders, Capucine has a serial killer to catch. This novel takes a turn to the bizarre as she consults a profiler, Vavasseur, who lives in a very weird place. She knows who the murderer is, but needs evidence. Since food critics are being targeted, Alexandre is always a target in Capucine’s mind. She has discovered the fetish of the killer and merely has to set the trap with the correct bait at the right place and time. This is a more psychological novel than the others and with fewer graphical descriptions of food.  The scenes with Vavasseur are priceless as is our favorite letch, Jacques. This novel has more of a Nordic feel to it, than the French touch of the first two novels. It is of course satiating.